By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

Iceland health officials report an increase in the number of people diagnosed with confirmed influenza in recent weeks.

Iceland map/CIA

Most people have had influenza A (H3), but at the end of November, influenza A (H1) pdm09 was confirmed for the first time this winter and for the past three weeks, this strain has been diagnosed weekly in 4 to 5 individuals. Since the end of September-October, a total of 80 people have had confirmed influenza, including 57 with influenza A (H3), 17 with influenza A (H1) v and six with influenza B.

In December, three people were admitted to hospital with influenza, of whom two were eighties with influenza A (H3) and one child with influenza A (H1) pdm09.

Influenza has increased in Europe, both influenza A (H3 and H1pdm09) and influenza B are being reported.

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