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India’s Ministry of Health reported 11,458 new COVID-19 infections Saturday, a daily record in the country, bringing the outbreak total to 308,992.

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This has put India at the position of being the country with the fourth most cases following the US, Brazil and Russia.

Health officials say 154,329 have recovered from the disease and  8884 COVID-19 deaths have been recorded.

India’s recent surge comes after restrictions were eased after a lengthy two-month lockdown.

Elsewhere in South Asia, cases are also rising. In Bangladesh, the total case count has exceeded 84,000 and 1139 deaths.

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Dhaka City has seen about 23,000 cases.

In Pakistan, 132,405 cases and 2551 deaths have been reported to date. Punjab and Sindh provinces account for nearly 100,000 cases.



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