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Health officials in Delhi reported 531 additional dengue fever cases last week, bringing the city’s total to 1,537 cases. This is the highest number cases reported since 2018.

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Five more deaths due to dengue have been recorded in the national capital this year, taking the total number of fatalities to six. This is the highest number of dengue fatalities in four years.

The big increase in dengue fever cases has caused a shortage of hospital beds in both government and private hospitals. “The situation is such that there is no guarantee of getting a bed. Admission is given only to those patients who are found bleeding or their platelets have fallen till 30,000,” a hospital staffer said to local media.

India reports 2nd most dengue cases globally

Doctors say the uptick in dengue cases is not the only reason for the shortage of beds. Dr Rommel Tikoo, Director Internal Medicine at Max Hospital in Saket, said, “At least 50 per cent patients are of dengue. But there are other admissions as well, including patients who have elective surgeries. Patients are coming due to pollution-related illnesses also. But we are expecting that there will be a downward trend of dengue cases once winter sets in.”

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Dengue causes a wide spectrum of signs and symptoms. According to WHO, these can range from subclinical disease (people may not know they are even infected) to severe flu-like symptoms in those infected. Although less common, some people develop severe Dengue, which can be any number of complications associated with severe bleeding, organ impairment and/or plasma leakage. Severe Dengue has a higher risk of death when not managed appropriately.