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Delhi dengue

After reporting an additional 280 dengue fever cases during the past week, officials in the capital city of Delhi put the total cases for 2021 to date at 1,006. This is the highest total cases during the same period since 2018.


Of the total count of dengue cases recorded in Delhi this season, 665 have been recorded this month through October 23.

Cases of the vector-borne disease have been rising in the city in the last two weeks, and the first death due to it in Delhi was recorded on October 18.

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1st Zika case reported in UP

According to health officials in Uttar Pradesh, the first patient of Zika virus has been found in Kanpur. The patient is a 57-year-old Indian Air Force member who  tested positive with Zika on October 23.

A team of experts from Delhi has reached Kanpur and samples of those who came in contact with the patient have been sent for examination.