The dengue fever crisis in Delhi, India continues to grow with more than 6,500 cases, including 25 deaths reported to date making it one of the worst outbreaks in the city in years; however, according to one report, not everyone is chipping in and doing their part.

Aedes aegypti mosquito feeding on a human host/CDC
Aedes aegypti mosquito feeding on a human host/CDC

A Times of India report this weekend says that more than a dozen physicians in several government hospitals have been put on notice for slacking on the job.

During unannounced visits from state health minister Satyendar Jain, doctors were caught sleeping while on duty while others were found loitering in other wards when they should have been stationed in a particular ward.

Decisions on disciplinary action of the several health providers is pending.

Last week, Union Secretary (HFW) Shri B P Sharma discussed the management of the dengue crisis in India.  He stated that the rush of fever patients needs to managed in a manner so as not to deprive serious cases of Dengue special care and beds. For this purpose, quick diagnosis, screening and attention to all fever cases arriving in hospitals, would be necessary.

Reiterating the role of prevention of vector spread, the Secretary (HFW) urged the people to use curved covers on water tanks, keep water storage pots covered with cloth, it nothing else was immediately available and ensure cleanliness in the surroundings.