The dengue fever crisis in Delhi, India has topped the 10,000 mark as health officials report  more than 3,000 cases during the past week to Oct. 10.

India Image/CIA

This puts the total case count at 10,683. According to local news source, One India, the 10,000 mark has not been eclipsed in two decades when in 1996 when 10,252 patients were infected in Delhi.

The Times of India reports that out of the total cases this year, north Delhi recorded the highest at 2,307, south Delhi at 2,432 while east Delhi posted the lowest with 1,413 cases. Of all civic zones in the city, Najafgarh Zone of SDMC has recorded the highest number with 808 cases.

41 dengue-related fatalities were reported.

In addition, health ministry officials have issued an advisory for the states concerning preparation for H1N1 influenza.

The states are advised to ensure that they have the required and adequate quantities of stock of drug Oseltamivir, Viral Diagnostic Kits, Viral Transport Media, Personal Protective Equipment and N-95 masks, at different levels in the health care system.’ State governments have also been requested to ensure that sufficient isolation facilities are available and functional, well-equipped to manage critical respiratory emergencies.

It further requests the state governments to ensure adequate epidemiological surveillance to immediately detect clustering of influenza like illnesses along with requisite laboratory preparedness to test the clinical samples.  Training and re-training workshops can be held for doctors to reiterate guidelines on patient categorization, clinical treatment and ventilatory management protocols.

Influenza A H1N1 cases are currently being reported from some States including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Telangana.