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Shigella caused food poisoning in girl who died after eating shawarma: Kerala health department

Kerala health department on Tuesday identified shigella bacteria as the cause of food poisoning which claimed the life of a student and led to the hospitalisation of around 30 others in the state’s Kasaragod district.

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Rise in malaria cases sparks concern in Kerala

Malaria, which was eradicated from the state decades ago, has made a comeback in Kerala in the past few years.  The growing number of malaria cases in Kerala, mostly imported from other states by the large number of migrant workers, is becoming a headache for the health sector.

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Five new dengue cases reported in Delhi; no deaths recorded

According to reports, five new dengue cases have been registered in Delhi since last week bringing the total number of dengue cases to 81.

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FMD outbreak in Karnataka

Animal lovers are now worried over the health of stray cattle which are abandoned by their owners as many of these animals are suffering from suspected foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), a contagious viral disease. They are demanding that the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) or the state animal husbandry department treat these cattle besides providing them shelter and preventive vaccines.

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