The latest official data from India, published in a Times of India report, concerning the mosquito borne viral diseases, chikungunya and dengue, have been released and we find that through Aug. 2016, 12,255 cases of chikungunya and 27,879 dengue fever cases in India.


And this is only the beginning as health officials say cases are expected to rise sharply over the next 2 months.

In addition, sixty dengue related fatalities were reported.

One of the main issues in the battle against these vector borne viruses is 86 percent of  Aedes mosquito breeding occur in households in various forms of water, according to a government assessment.

Cabinet Secretary, P. K. Sinha has called on agencies at all levels to take action to prevent and manage the growing dengue and chikungunya situation, which may include public awareness programs, making medicines and doctors available, providing helpline facilities to the people and use of mobile clinics.

In Bangladesh, the dengue situation is following typical trends as in the month of August, the capital city of Dhaka saw a doubling of dengue fever cases as 921 were reported that month, bringing the annual total to just over 1900 through the first eight months.