One year ago, a couple a guys from Canada started a new website that was unlike anything else out there–truly innovative with some big ideas to publish high quality, peer-reviewed research articles and perspective pieces that are focused on the topics of infection control and prevention. They talked about the project and their vision for on the Outbreak News This Week Radio Show.

Executive Director of The Infection Prevention Strategy, Michael Diamond and Director of Operations, Andrew Duong returned for an interview for the Jan.1, 2017 airing of the show to discuss Infection–“A year in review”.

Michael and Andrew discussed the many projects and successes to include their large global network of experts, writers and innovators and the hundreds of articles and peer-reviewed papers published.

In one short year, they launched several world firsts, including: Open Peer Review, Sudden Science, the Incubator and Pan-Access Publishing, making science free to publish and free to access, with accessible scientific services.

They also talked about the conferences they’ve been involved in and the upcoming conference they’ll be hosting in Ontario, Canada this April on the topics of Antibiotic Resistance and Infection Prevention and Control. Learn more about the conference at Infection Prevention & Control 2017 Canada

Want to join or just find out more information, visit or

Listen to the interview below:

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