Here are the top five posts on Outbreak News Today for the week Dec. 29, 2018 through Jan. 4, 2019:

5. Johns Hopkins researchers: Plant compounds may be better than current antibiotics at treating persistent Lyme bacteria

Marburg Virus Disease
Marburg virus virions/CDC

This post makes the top 5 once again. It’s about a study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health which demonstrated that oils from garlic and several other common herbs and medicinal plants show strong activity against the bacterium that causes Lyme disease.

4. 10 Most Important Infectious Disease Stories of 2018: Outbreak News Today

My annual countdown of the Top Most Important Infectious Disease stories of 2018 was the fourth most popular post of the week.

3. Marburg virus reported for the first time in West Africa in fruit bats

Five Egyptian rousette fruit bats in Sierra Leone tested positive for active Marburg virus infection. The virus has not been found in West Africa–until now.

2. Nigeria continues to report monkeypox

The #2 post of the week was an update on the monkeypox situation in Nigeria.

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1.MRSA Transmission Between Humans and Horses

The top post of the week was a guest post from Andrea Bagley about the issue of MRSA transmission from humans to horses and horses to humans.

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