Here are the top five posts on Outbreak News Today for the week Jan. 26 through Feb. 1:

5. Roald Dahl 1988: Olivia and measles encephalitis

Image/geralt via pixabay
Image/geralt via pixabay

The number 5 post of the week was a post from out of the archives about author, Roald Dahl’s words about the measles death of his daughter, Olivia.

4. Saudi Arabia reports increase in MERS cases

An update on the recent uptick in MERS cases in Saudi Arabia clocked in as the 4th most popular post of the week.

3. Thailand chikungunya outbreak: Another 400 cases in past week

The chikungunya outbreak in southern Thailand continues to rise with 424 additional cases reported in the past week.

2. Meningitis B: Two cases reported in Columbia University students

Columbia University reported on two meningococcal meningitis infections in grad students.

1.Atlanta: Two measles cases treated this month, according to report

The first report we did on the measles cases reported in Atlanta, GA was the top post of the week.

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