Here are the top five posts on Outbreak News Today for the week Jan. 19 through Jan. 25:

5. South Africa issues alert for travelers to the southern African region

Face of child with measles. Image/CDC
Face of child with measles. Image/CDC

South African health officials issued a warning for travellers returning from the southern African region because of the risk of a number of infectious diseases that could be contracted.

4. Prion infection: New skin test detects infection prior to symptoms

The 4th top post of the week was about a study where researchers successfully used two methods to detect prions in skin samples collected from inoculated rodents. The study provides the first proof-of-concept evidence that readily accessible skin samples could be used to detect prion disease early—before clinical symptoms appear.

3. Infectious disease bric-a-bracs: Semen injections, Rascism allegations at WHO and African trypanosomes

One of our periodic blog posts of interesting news going on across the globe.

2. Hantavirus outbreak in Argentina: 13th fatality reported

Early last week, we reported on an update on the large hantavirus outbreak in southern Argentina.

1. Vancouver, WA area measles outbreak: Two additional cases confirmed

As the nation watches the measles outbreak in Clark County, Washington, this website does it’s best to keep up on the latest developments in the outbreak health authorities have said, “I don’t see this ending anytime soon”.

The latest: Measles outbreak jumps to 30 confirmed cases

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