Here are the top five posts on Outbreak News Today for the week Nov. 3 through Nov. 9:

5. K-State rower, Samantha Scott, dies from rare Lemierre syndrome

I address the question, What is Lemierre syndrome? in this short article after a Kansas State University student died suddenly.

4. Three measles cases reported in Spartanburg County: All children, all unvaccinated

This follow-up report on the measles cases in Spartanburg County last Saturday was the 4th most popular post of the week.

South Carolina: Measles cases rise in Spartanburg County, First flu-related death reported

3. Chagas disease reported in dogs working along the U.S.-Mexico border

A new study presented recently at the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) Annual Meeting shows working dogs employed by the federal government across the United States have been infected with the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, the cause of Chagas disease.

2. CDC Director Redfield on Ebola outbreak: ‘Need to consider the possibility that it cannot be brought under control”

The 2nd most popular post this past week was on statements made by CDC director, Dr Robert Redfield concerning the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

1.The importance of herd immunity in protecting the vulnerable: A look at a fatal measles case

The top post was a very important one that demonstrated the real importance of herd immunity, particularly as it relates to people who are vulnerable to measles.


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