Here are the top five posts on Outbreak News Today for the week Sept 22 through Sept 28:


5. HIV: Rare father-to-son transmission reported in study

In this rare, obscure case of HIV transmission from a study published in AIDS Research and Human Retrovirusesresearchers describe how a child contracted HIV from his father with the mother being HIV negative.

4. Cholera outbreak: Zimbabwe reports thousands of cases

Zimbabwe, particularly the city of Harare is experiencing an outbreak of cholera that has sicked thousands since the beginning of the month.

3. Chikungunya outbreak in Kasala State, Sudan

The number 3 post of the week concerns the chikungunya outbreak in Kassala state, Sudan. Since this report was published, the number of cases has doubled.

2. Monkeypox: 3rd case reported in England, This time a healthcare worker

Public Health England confirmed that a third individual has been diagnosed with monkeypox. This case was in a health care worker who contracted the virus prior to it being diagnosed in the patient.

1. Lyme: Rapid bacterial transmission following a tick bite shown in European study

The top post for the week was about a European study that showed evidence of rapid Borrelia transmission following a tick bite, with infection occurring within 24 hours of an adult tick bite and sometimes even sooner for nymph bites.

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