On today’s show, I want to introduce you to some really good infectious disease news sources, blogs and aggregator websites.

This groups of sites in not all-inclusive of course, but each of these sites have staying power and put out quality content consistently.

1 million STD cases daily across the globe

Rabies in the US: Geography, wildlife, exposure and prevention

Nipah virus confirmed in Kerala, India

Los Angeles: Typhoid and typhus and plague??, Oh my!!

Congenital syphilis on the rise in the US: Tragic and Preventable!

Summertime Water Safety: Naegleria fowleri

Rat hepatitis E infections in Hong Kong

African swine fever in Asia

Hepatitis A outbreaks reported in half the country

Ebola: Where is the coverage on cable news?

Measles: New numbers released, anti-vaccine rallies in outbreak areas

Infectious disease news brief: Monkeypox in Singapore

Chickenpox vaccination considerably lessens likelihood of shingles: Study

Measles exposure advisory: Los Angeles and Union County, NJ

NYC officials advise providers to look out for Legionnaires’ disease

Iceland to start vaccinating against chickenpox

Powassan virus: Two cases reported in Sussex County, NJ