Infectious diseases named by location

There has been an awful lot of going back and forth over the appropriateness of naming or calling a disease by the location in which it was first found.

In this video, I demonstrate using thirty infectious diseases and agents that the precedent for doing this has a long history.



Chagas disease: 1st local transmission in Missouri

Lyme Disease Biobank and a new study

Aspergillosis, a new kind of antifungal drug and World Aspergillosis Day

Global outbreaks: How effective is traveler screening?

Travel Bans and Disease Outbreaks: Are they effective?

Nipah virus with Emily Gurley, PhD

Coronavirus Q&A with Rodney Rohde, PhD

MARBURG Virus detected in fruit bats in Sierra Leone

Outbreak News Merchandise

Check out what we have to offer at the links below. Stay tuned as more will be added.

Blood flukes in Black and White

Giardia in Black and White

Chagas in Black and White

Got Smallpox?

Louis Pasteur Quote

Robert Koch Quote



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