The Thailand Department of Disease Control has reported 84,941 influenza cases through August 25, including 12 deaths.

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Provinces with the top five morbidity rates (cases per 100,000 population) were Bangkok, Chiangmai, Rayong, Phayao, and Ubonratchathani. The disease incidence is about 3 times higher than the median of the past 5 years

There were 93 influenza outbreaks. Provinces with the highest number of outbreaks were Bangkok (11), Chiangmai (8), Nakhonratchasima (8), Songkhla (5), and Phichit (5). Most of the outbreaks occurred in crowed places such as schools, military camps and prisons. Prisons reported 18 incidents in many provinces.

The Department of Disease Control therefore advises people to protect themselves well from the disease especially persons who are the most at risk of having severe influenza including 1) pregnant women with 4 months of pregnancy onwards, 2) children aged 6 months to 2 years old, 3) people with underlying chronic diseases (COPD, asthma, heart disease, brain vascular diseases, kidney failure, cancer patients under chemotherapy, and diabetes), 4) people older than 65 years, 5) mentally disabled people 6) thalassemia people and people with impaired immunity (including HIV infected persons with symptoms), and 7) obese people weigh 100 kilograms and over or have Mass Body Index (BMI) over 35 kg/m².

These most at risk people should get the annual influenza vaccine to protect them from the disease as well as to reduce the disease severity and chance to be admitted to hospital. Advice related to influenza vaccine is available from all hospitals near by.