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In a follow-up on a report last month about simultaneous autochthonous circulation of the four dengue serotypes in Sarapiquí canton, the Ministry of Health, through the Integrated Vector Control Management Program, started and for the next two weeks, various interventions after the confirmation of the four dengue serotypes in the canton of Sarapiquí.

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Specifically, work will be carried out in the towns of Puerto Viejo, La Guaria, Palmitas, Tucán, Rojo Maca and 4 Esquinas, where three thermonebulization cycles will be carried out at each site accompanied by fumigation with ultra-low volume machines and house-to-house visits to treat and eliminate breeding sites, this in order to lower the density of mosquitoes, as well as all research and epidemiological surveillance actions with the intention of avoiding an outbreak and safeguarding the health of the population.

During these interventions, there will be the participation of 36 officials from the Chorotega Region, the Central Pacific, the North Central Region, the Sarapaquí Health Governing Area and the Central Level.

It is important to indicate that since the year 2000 in the country, the four serotypes of dengue have not circulated, a situation that currently occurs in Sarapiquí and that is why the intervention is in that area.

Likewise, the Ministry of Health requests the support of the population to facilitate the entry of duly identified officials of the Ministry of Health, who carry out sweeping house-to-house visits to treat and eliminate breeding sites.

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