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In an update on the COVID-19 outbreak in Iran, the Head of Public Relations and Information Center of the Ministry of Health said the case count has risen to 66.

Dr. Kianoosh Jahanpour said to reporters: the laboratory specimens of 8 patients in Qom, one person in Hamedan province, three people in Tehran, two in Markazi province, two in the province of Isfahan and two people in Gilan province, were positive and four others were killed. This brings the death toll in Iran to 12, the most outside China.

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In addition, concerning quarantines he said, in scientific terms and according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the opinion of technical coronavirus, we do not believe in the complete quarantine of a city and a matter of Tehran’s quarantine has no correctness and if it was made quarantine or restriction, this restriction must be made for the city of Qom.

In related news, the Iraqi Ministry of Health  reported an imported COVID-19 case in an Iranian national. The statement stated (computer translated): The ministry shows that the results of laboratory tests conducted today for one of the students of religious sciences (Iranian nationality) who had entered the country before the decision of the ministerial crisis cell to stop travel showed that he was infected with the new coronavirus, and the case was revealed when the health teams investigated visitors and students in their residences were referred to the designated hospital in Najaf province and sent swabs taken from him for laboratory testing and placed in isolation halls and the results of the analysis showed that he is carrying the virus.

All measures have been taken in compliance with the International Health Regulations to deal with the situation and contacts, hoping to cooperate with the procedures and disseminate health education and awareness messages as much as possible.