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According to a report from the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), officials in Ilam province in western Iran are investigating a suspect anthrax outbreak in livestock.

Image/tetracarbon via pixabay

The Director General of Veterinary Medicine of Ilam, Dr. Ramin Poranjef said an unusual number of cattle in a ranch located in the Majin section of Darhshahr city were lost and that all animals of this village were quarantined.

“This rural rancher has 170 head of livestock, 9 of which have been lost due to some reasons that are still under investigation, and in the research performed, the possibility of anthrax is more likely than other reasons. Although most of the symptoms indicate the occurrence of anthrax, samples have been sent to the country’s reference laboratories, and the cause of death of these animals cannot be determined until the final results and results of these tests are obtained,” Poranjef said.

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“Currently, all the animals in this village are under full quarantine to prevent livestock or livestock products from leaving the village, and the dead animals have been buried deep in the ground in compliance with hygienic and environmental standards using limestone. It has also been ignited and disinfected.”

“Given that many diseases exist in cattle and can only be identified by veterinarians, consumers of protein products should buy their meat and poultry from authorized centers,” Poranjef said.