By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews

Iranian health officials reported 29,700 additional COVID-19 cases and 466 deaths Saturday during the “fifth wave” of the virus in the Middle East.


With the numbers climbing higher, fears things can possibly get worse with the start of ceremonies for the holy Islamic month of Muharram that started Aug. 10.

The country of 83 million people have only vaccinated some 3 million to date, which is prompting anger and frustration among the population wondering how many more waves they’ll have to endure.

Since the start of the pandemic, Iran has reported nearly 4.4 million total cases, including 873,000 during the past month, and more than 97,000 deaths, although death toll is likely three times higher, officials say, as Iran only counts those who die in a hospital while being treated for coronavirus.

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