The Iraqi Ministry of Health announced on Saturday that the cases of hemorrhagic fever have reached 162 cases, including 27 deaths, since the beginning of the year.

Iraq map/CIA

The authorities are trying to limit the spread of this viral disease, which is transmitted through livestock.

As recent as May, the authorities announced 12 deaths from the disease.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Saif Al-Badr said that Erbil governorate in the Kurdistan Region recorded the 1st death from the disease.

In addition, he added that half of the cases have recovered. He also confirmed that the ministry is working on early detection of cases, and is providing health care, education, and awareness.

The majority of infections were recorded in Dhi Qar governorate (61 cases), located in the south of the country, which is a poor rural area where cows, sheep, goats and buffaloes are raised, all of which are intermediate vectors of this disease.