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On Wednesday, the latest official statistics issued by the Iraq National Center for Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases in the Public Health Department have recorded 171 confirmed cases of hemorrhagic fever, including 32 deaths, since the beginning of 2022.


“More than half of these cases were recovered after the disease was detected at an early stage. Dhi Qar governorate recorded most cases with 66 cases, including 17 deaths, followed by Maysan with 22 cases, Wasit with 18 cases, and Babil with 16 cases”, according to Health Ministry spokesman, Saif Al-Badr.

In addition, he noted that cases were also recorded in the governorates of Al-Muthanna, Al-Diwaniyah, Baghdad, Karbala, Basrah, Kirkuk, Nineveh, Najaf, Erbil, Diyala, and Dohuk.

He said, “The failure to implement the preventive measures and recommendations of the Ministry of Health, follow-up cases, control the insect, as well as treat infected animals leads to its spread, explaining that the role of the Ministry of Health is early detection of the disease through the central public health laboratory and the provision of medical care.”

Al-Badr stressed, “There is no vaccine for this disease, but the application of the protocol by the ministry has proven its effectiveness,” noting that “what is important in hemorrhagic fever is diagnosing the case, if it is diagnosed early when the initial symptoms appear, which are high temperatures and pain in various areas of the body. Headache and intestinal colic, when diagnosed at this stage and provided with treatment, the possibility of recovery is very high, but if it reaches the stage of subcutaneous bleeding, it reaches the stage of danger.