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In a follow-up on the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) outbreak in Iraq, the Ministry of Health is now reporting 299 confirmed cases and 55 deaths nationwide since the beginning of the year.


This is up from 289 cases and 52 deaths reported last week.

Health officials say Dhi Qar governorate is the governorate in which hemorrhagic fever is most prevalent with 130 cases and 31 deaths.

In addition to Dhi Qar, cases are reported in the following locations: 32 cases and 3 deaths in Maysan, 24 cases and 2 deaths each in Babil and Wasit, 19 cases and 6 deaths in Al-Muthanna, 11 cases and 1 death in Basrah, 11 cases in Al-Diwaniyah, 10 cases and 2 deaths in the Al-Karkh side of Baghdad, 9 cases and 1 death in Karbala, 7 cases and 2 deaths in the Al-Rusafa side of Baghdad, 6 cases in Nineveh, 3 cases and 1 death each in Erbil and Kirkuk, 3 cases in Al-Najaf, 2 cases and 2 deaths in Salah Al-Din, 2 cases and 1 death in Diyala, 2 cases in Duhok, and 1 case in Al-Anbar.

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