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The Iraq Ministry of Health is now reporting 289 confirmed Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) cases and 52 deaths as of August 11. This is an increase of 16 cases and 3 deaths since our last report on August 3.

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Regarding the geographical distribution of the total cases and deaths in 2022 to date, the ministry states: 124 cases and 29 deaths in Dhi Qar governorate, 32 cases and 3 deaths in Maysan, 24 cases and 2 deaths in each of Babil and Wasit, 18 cases and 6 deaths in Al-Muthanna, 11 cases and 1 death in Basrah, 11 cases in Al-Diwaniyah, 10 cases and 2 deaths in Al-Karkh side of Baghdad, 8 cases in Karbala, 7 cases

Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever 101

and 2 deaths in Al-Rusafa side of Baghdad, 4 cases in Nineveh, 3 cases and 1 death in each of Erbil and Kirkuk, 3 cases in Al-Najaf, 2 cases and 2 deaths in Salah Al-Din, 2 cases and 1 death in Diyala, 2 cases in Duhok, and 1 case Al-Anbar.