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In a follow-up on a report Friday, the Israel Ministry of Health released the following statement on the 36-year-old resident from the Northern District, with no underlying illnesses, who died of a rare amoeba encephalitis:

brain eating amoeba
Naegleria fowleri

This is a rare case that was diagnosed thanks to the vigilance of an infectious disease doctor who suspected the diagnosis and involved the district health office and the central laboratory of the Ministry of Health. In view of the rarity of the case, it was necessary to send the clinical sample to the Center for Disease Control in the USA.

About 400 cases have been reported worldwide. It is a rare disease with a high mortality rate.

The amoeba is found in fresh water, puddles, or stagnant water sources of various types. 
The investigation into possible exposure is ongoing. The Ministry of Health is working with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Agriculture and will update the public on the findings.