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The Israel Ministry of Health report a man in his 50s was diagnosed with monkeypox after several months in which no case of monkeypox was diagnosed in Israel. His clinical condition is good.


The Ministry of Health clarifies that although the man was previously vaccinated against monkeypox – it is recommended for people at high risk to get vaccinated against the virus: the vaccine is very effective, especially if two doses of the vaccine are completed – but sometimes even vaccinated people may become infected if the viral load of those who come into contact with him is high. However, the signs of the disease in vaccinated people are milder. Therefore, it is important to get vaccinated, especially for the summer months and the season of traveling abroad.

Netter’s Infectious Diseases 2nd Edition

The epidemiological investigation shows that there are no other people who were in contact with the man and who were exposed to the virus.

The Ministry of Health urges those who returned from abroad and developed a fever and a blistering rash to contact their attending physician.

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