On Wednesday, The Italian Council of Ministers met under the chairmanship of President Mario Draghi and Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and issued a decree that introduces urgent measures to deal with the COVID-19 emergency, in particular in the workplace and in schools.

Included in the decree is unvaccinated workers who are 50 years old or over risk being fined and after five days, lose their salary. A Super Green Pass will be obligatory to access places of work.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi said: “We want to slow down the growth of the contagion curve and push the Italians who have not yet vaccinated themselves to do so. We take action in particular on the age groups that are most at risk of hospitalization to reduce the pressure on hospitals and save lives.”

The decree takes effect February 15.

Obligatory vaccines were already in place for health workers, teachers and the police.

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