Ivermectin in the News: Missouri Poison Center reports uptick in calls, Arkansas inmates treated with drug

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Missouri Poison Center


The Missouri Poison Center says it has been receiving an uptick in calls about ivermectin consumption, leading to some dangerous side effects.

Most calls to the Missouri Poison Center have not been from those prescribed to the drug.

”The majority of those cases that we’ve had, this month especially, have been intentional misuse of a product,” Weber said. “And without a health care provider recommendation.”

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Arkansas jail

Inmates at a jail in Arkansas were treated for COVID-19 with ivermectin, according to county officials at a finance and budget committee meeting Wednesday.

The realization the drug was used on inmates came after a county employee was tested for COVID-19, said a county official. The employee said they tested negative and were given a prescription of ivermectin.

The employee went to their primary care doctor who told them to throw it away.

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