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New Hampshire health officials is reporting a Jamestown Canyon Virus (JCV) case in an adult from Epsom. This is the fourth case reported in the state this year.

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The patient was hospitalized with a fever, abdominal and neck pain, and a headache. They have been discharged and are recovering at home. JCV is transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito. There are no vaccines to prevent JCV and treatment consists of rest and monitoring for escalating symptoms.

“This is the fourth detection of Jamestown Canyon Virus infection in our State this year, and it serves as a good reminder that until we experience a mosquito-killing hard frost this fall, the risk for mosquito-transmitted viral infections continues,” said Dr. Benjamin Chan, NH State Epidemiologist. “JCV is one of three mosquito-transmitted infections that can be acquired in the State and all can cause severe neurologic illness. It remains important for residents and visitors to protect themselves and their families by preventing mosquito bites.”

Many illnesses caused by JCV are mild, but moderate-to-severe central nervous system involvement requiring hospitalization have been reported, including fatal infections.