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The National Institute of Infectious Diseases today reported (computer translated) three cases of infectious diseases associated with the new coronavirus. One is a patient and two are asymptomatic pathogen carriers.


These were Japanese who were returned to Japan yesterday on a charter flight from Wuhan, and a new coronavirus was detected as a result of a PCR test conducted at the National Center for Global Health and Medicine. One patient had symptoms such as fever, and it was the ninth case in Japan

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The other two cases are the first confirmed cases of asymptomatic pathogen carriers.


Sante Publique France reported (computer translated) the 4th and 5th infection with the 2019-nCov .

On the 28/01/2020 in the evening, a fourth case of infection with the 2019-nCov virus was confirmed in France: the patient is hospitalized in Ile-de-France.


On 01/29/2020 in the evening, a fifth case of infection with the 2019-nCoV virus was confirmed in France: she was the daughter of the fourth case identified on 01/28. The patient is hospitalized in Ile-de-France. The investigation of these two cases is currently being implemented by the Regional Health Agency and the regional unit of Public Health France.

Given the international situation, the occurrence of confirmed cases in France is not an unexpected event. The isolation of patients in the hospital and the implementation of this surveillance aims to prevent secondary transmissions from these cases.