The Japanese Health Ministry announced Wednesday an imported Zika virus infection case in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, according to a news release (computer translated).

Japan Image/CIA

The male teenager patient, who traveled to Brazil for a stay of some 10 days, was admitted to the hospital after the appearance of a rash and fever on Feb. 22.

The patient is currently recovering at home.

Japanese health officials note that prior to this case, three imported cases were reported in 2013 and 2014 in travelers who went to Bora Bora and Thailand.

This is the first imported case seen in a traveler to Central and South America.

Currently, the country is not the active phase of the mosquito, the risk of expanding the infection in the country has become extremely low.

Zika virus usually causes mild symptoms, such as skin rashes and headaches; however,  it is suspected to cause abnormally small head sizes in newborn children, a condition called microcephaly, when mothers contract the virus during pregnancy.