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Officials in Japan reported 673 new COVID-19 cases on Monday, Jan. 3, 2022, the first time the daily total topped 600 in the country since October 14, 2021.

Image/Robert Herriman

In Tokyo, 103 daily coronavirus cases were reported Monday, marking the first time in about three months that the count has surpassed 100.

In Tokyo, twenty-five people are infected with the Omicron strain, 11 of whom are believed to be community-acquired. In addition, at Tokyo Daijingu in Chiyoda Ward, a cluster of 11 people was reported stopping worship at the shrine.

Likewise, in Okinawa, the prefectural government reported 130 new cases of infections, the first time it confirmed over 100 infections since Sept. 25. There were 24 cases of the Omicron strain.

The local government said that 16 cases were also reported at U.S. bases in the southern island prefecture.