In a follow-up to an earlier report of a meningococcal meningitis outbreak at a high school in Zambia, the Times of Zambia describes some bizarre actions and accusations related to the deaths of three pupils at the Kabompo High School.

According to the report, the situation overall was horribly mismanaged. This includes rumors of witchcraft at the school, which in turn resulted in riots that cost the school “colossal sums of money” in damages.

A teacher at Kabompo Secondary School told the Times of Zambia that some incensed pupils wanted the learning institution ‘cleansed’.

Critics of the government say the riots and looting could have been prevented if there was better, more effective communication.

The first case of meningitis was reported on June 20 and the sixth and last case was reported on July 3. Riots were reported on July 4.


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