In a follow-up on the locally transmitted dengue fever situation in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, the Department of Disease Control reports 20 indigenous cases.

Of the 20 cases, most were reported from Sanmin District.

Image/Taiwan CDC

Dengue virus type 4 (DEN4) is being reported in the cases. According to the Department of Disease Control, because the clinical symptoms of type 4 dengue fever are less typical, the hospital is urged to be alert. If patients with fever have symptoms, they should immediately use dengue NS1 to assist in the diagnosis and strengthen the notification of suspected cases. The health unit will take preventive measures in a timely manner.

The Department of Disease Control said that in response to the need for epidemic prevention and control in high-risk counties and cities in China, the county and city governments will be approved to handle the prevention and control of vector-borne infectious diseases such as dengue fever every year. Among them, Kaohsiung City received a total of 15.23 million subsidies for infectious disease prevention and control this year. Yuan, including dengue subsidies totaled 8.61 million yuan, the largest in the country. In response to the additional funding for the prevention and treatment of dengue fever in Kaohsiung City, the Executive Director Su Yichang instructed in the Executive Yuan meeting on June 13 that the central government will continue to provide support if the Kaohsiung City Government’s subsidies for infectious disease prevention and treatment are insufficient.

The CDC reiterated that the Department of Health and Welfare is fully committed to assisting counties and cities in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.