A hepatitis A outbreak has been recorded in the Karaganda region of central Kazakhstan. According to the chairman of the Public Health Protection Committee of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Zhandarbek Bekshin, 51 cases of hepatitis A have been registered, according to a NUR.KZ report (computer translated).

hepatitis AThirty-four of the patients, or 70 percent are schoolchildren.

Bekshin called the cause of infection of children with hepatitis. According to him, the cause of the disease of students with hepatitis A in school number 58 was a home-made drink, which the children used on December 28.

“On December 28 of last year, the school hosted a day of rest, where the students of the senior classes had an event, during which students used a home-made soft drink.This is the reason, and then the contact factor has already started,” Bekshin said.

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On January 16, school # 58 passed similar sanitation. The school now has a regime, drinking regime is regulated, disinfection of glasses is carried out in the school cafeteria, handles of doors, handrails and other complex disinfection measures are handled.

January 18 this year, according to the speaker, in the region recorded a sharp surge in morbidity. However, after the disinfection measures were carried out, the situation began to decline.

To locate the situation, the health department purchased the necessary amount of vaccine. Part of this vaccine will go directly to prevention.

“Now we have 7,000 doses of vaccine, and we plan to buy 60,000 more doses.” We can say that schoolchildren will receive free vaccinations, but adults, if they wish, can get vaccinated on a fee-for-service basis. vegetables and fruits before consumption.

We suspect that the antigen was in vegetables. At least, hepatitis A antigen was detected in beet and radish. Therefore, you should carefully wash the vegetables, keep them separately from other products, and, of course, observe personal hygiene, “Bekshin stressed.


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