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The Madison County Health Department in central Kentucky has identified two cases of infant botulism in the community. Infant botulism is a serious illness that requires urgent medical attention. In some cases, the source of infant botulism may be honey or exposure to soil contaminated with the Clostridium botulinum bacteria. If the bacteria are ingested, the spores produce a toxin that can cause the following signs and symptoms.

Image/Daria-Yakovleva via pixabay

Signs and Symptoms Babies with infant botulism might have:

• Constipation, often the first symptom
• Trouble sucking or feeding
• Weak facial muscles, face appearing “flat”
• Drooping eye lids
• Floppy movements due to muscle weakness and loss of head control
• Weak cry that sounds different than usual
• Irritability
• Tiredness
• Difficulty breathing
• Decreased movement
• Trouble swallowing with a lot of drooling

If your child is experiencing signs and symptoms of infant botulism, health officials recommend seeking immediate medical attention.