The accusations of hormone -laced tetanus vaccine by the Catholic Church in Kenya has caused a firestorm online and in the country, as people are asking, is this a conspiracy theory or is it really a form of population control or contraception.


One group that has sided with the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops in their accusations is The Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK).

CIPK South Coast chairman Sheikh Banda said the Church had raised genuine sentiments, which should be heard. “Why has the Church pointed a finger at this vaccination and not others? It means the cries are genuine,” argued Mr Banda.

“I am calling on Kenyans not to take it until the State offers a substantive explanation,” he added.

The Kenyan Health Ministry has responded to the allegations by forming a joint committee to determine the safety and purity of the tetanus vaccine.

Health Cabinet Secretary James Macharia said we will know the results in two weeks.

“We respect the concerns raised by the [Catholic] church, but we cannot allow our children to continue dying,” he said.

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