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Kerala state, India Health Minister Veena George announced Saturday Kozhikode district can now said to be free of Nipah virus infection as no new case has been reported in the last 42 days.

On 4 September 2021, the Kerala State Health department reported an isolated case of Nipah virus disease in Kozhikode district, Kerala state, India.

“Since then, 42 days have passed. The incubation period is 21 days. Now, we have survived a double incubation period and in this time no other case emerged,” the minister said.

A Nipah control room, which was opened in connection with the infection outbreak, would be closed, even though the Health Department would continue its vigil, was also noted in the health minister’s statement.

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Veena George thanked health workers and said that within a year, Nipah preventive activities will be strengthened in the state.

This was the fifth outbreak of the disease in India (Siliguri town in 2001, followed by a second outbreak in Nadia district in 2007, both in West Bengal state. In 2018, an outbreak was reported in Kozhikode district, and in 2019, another outbreak in Kochi district, both in Kerala state).

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