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On Dec. 8, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) was notified of the death of two persons from Lassa fever. The first case was a pregnant woman who presented in a health facility in Nasarawa State and the other, a medical doctor involved in the treatment of the patient that later sought medical care in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).


In addition, another medical doctor linked to the index case has also been confirmed to have Lassa fever and he is currently receiving medical care in FCT.

The Nasarawa State Ministry of Health with support of NCDC has commenced an in-depth epidemiological investigation of the cases to understand the possible source of infection and the extent of spread of the disease. Contact tracing of all the close contacts of the patients has commenced.

Following these confirmations of Lassa fever cases in Nasarawa state and FCT, the NCDC has intensified the activities of the national multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary Lassa fever Technical Working Group (TWG) for Lassa fever surveillance and response in the country. Lassa fever Emergency Operation Centres have also been activated by the affected state and FCT.

In the week ending Dec. 12 in Nigeria, 10 confirmed cases (including the 3 above) were reported, including 3 deaths from Ondo, Edo and Nasarawa States.

In 2021 to date, Nigeria has reported 444 confirmed Lassa fever cases and 83 deaths.

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