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Last week, Lebanese health officials recorded the first cholera case in nearly thirty years in the country. Since that first case, the tally has the total cumulative confirmed cases rise to 26 as of today, including eight new cases reported in the past 24 hours and one death.

Public Health Minister, Dr. Faras Al-Bayd, said, “In terms of cholera, the primary issue is prevention that contributes to limiting the spread of the pandemic, prevention is more important than cure.”

He continued, “The Ministry of Health will cover all Lebanese cholera patients,” and the international authorities with whom we contacted expressed their readiness to cover the treatment of displaced people or refugees infected with cholera.

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In addition, the health minister met with representatives of the vaccine factories in Lebanon, namely: “Alpha Laboratories”, Sérum and Solutions, and Sérum Products to see the work of these factories and the stock available of vaccines, as part of the preparations made by the Ministry of Health to respond to cholera outbreak.

Representatives of these factories confirmed the availability of large quantities of vaccines sufficient for the next eight months, in addition to the availability of raw materials needed to manufacture the vaccine.