By Jory Lange

The Illinois Department of Public Health is investigating four cases of Legionnaires disease linked to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois.  Three patients and an employee have been linked to the outbreak thus far. 


At this time, the IDPH has informed the public that it has dispatched their investigators to the hospital to begin environmental testing of the hospital’s water supply. According to the IDPH’s public notice:

IDPH is working with the hospital to collect information and further investigate these cases, including an on-site visit by IDPH this week to test the facility’s water.  The hospital is working with IDPH to strengthen its water management plan and implement multiple control measures.

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IDPH has recommended the facility provide information to potentially impacted patients and families about Legionella. Additionally, IDPH recommended that the facility conduct surveillance to identify other potential cases and to ensure appropriate testing and clinical management.”

While the investigation is ongoing, the IDPH recommends that anyone who has visited the hospital and showing symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease seek medical attention. As always, the IDPH reminds residents and medical providers to report any Legionnaires’ disease illnesses to the health department.

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