In recent weeks, an increase in pneumonia cases were reported in the city of Brescia in Lombardy region. Other towns have also reported cases to include Carpenedolo, Montichiari, Asola and Remedello among others.


According to officials with Regione Lombardia (computer translated) last week, more than 400 pneumonia cases have been reported, which 42 tested positive for the bacterium, Legionella.

The sampling activity of drinking and non-drinking water carried out by ATS Brescia Prevention Technicians is as follows: 354 samples of which 202 in homes, 77 from cooling / evaporation towers, 62 on water networks, 13 from river Chiese and its derivations.

According to Lombardy Region Welfare Councilor, Giulio Gallera, “To date, the analysis of the data allows us to concentrate all the efforts made by ATS in the cooling towers of companies.The results of the sampling carried out in the latter, in the municipalities more affected, they are positive for Legionella: of the 10 samples analyzed to date on the cooling towers of 3 companies in the Municipalities of Montichiari, Carpenedolo and Calvisano, 9 were positive for Legionella “.

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