In a follow-up on the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak at Mount Carmel Grove City Hospital in Ohio, health officials now put the outbreak total to 16, including one death.


In a statement from hospital officials, they note they are confident that they have identified the source of bacteria. Tests received this week from water samples taken May 23 through June 1 showed significant legionella bacteria were in our hot water system at that time.

It is believed the bacteria are linked to inadequate disinfection prior to Mount Carmel Grove City’s opening.

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Mount Carmel Grove City has implemented the following steps to protect those who have contact with the hospital and to reduce the risk of more infections:

  • Flushing all hot and cold water lines and fixtures throughout facility
  • Implementing immediate practices to disinfect hot and cold water lines and fixtures
  • Testing and cleaning all ice machines
  • Making sure the on-sight cooling towers are cleaned and serviced
  • Testing water sources and providing test results to the Ohio Department of Health
  • Providing their water management plan to the Ohio Department of Health for review
  • Passing out bottled water to patients and staff

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