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In a follow-up on the mystery illness outbreak that took the lives of three people in Lindi region, Tanzania,  Minister of Health of Tanzania, the Hon. Ummy Mwalimu announced Monday that the testing of samples of patients who were suffering from an Unknown Disease in Ruangwa District in Lindi Region has confirmed this outbreak to be Leptospirosis, aka  Mgunda Fever.

The Minister said that Mgunda Fever is one of the diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans and is caused by Leptospira interrogans bacteria.

“Mgunda fever is transmitted from animals to humans through environmental pollution, including water sources from the urine of infected animals”, she said.

The Minister  has asked the citizens to take all appropriate measures to protect themselves from the disease, including avoiding touching water or things contaminated with animal urine and drinking clean and safe water that has been boiled or treated.