The Libya National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), in a recent report, recorded 80 cases of measles in various Libyan cities, prompting the health ministry to issue a health alert.


The first case, believed to be from a child from the illegal immigration shelters began in the area of Qatrun before the emergence of other cases in the cities of Ubari, Zliten, and Marj, among others.

Health Minister Mohamed Haitham Issa said that the ministry has formulated a plan to prevent the emergence of new cases of measles, through a vaccination campaign that will be launched urgently in cooperation with international organizations, according to local media.

“We will provide technical and logistical support to ensure the success of the campaign and will provide medical treatment to the cases registered,” the minister stressed.

He also made an urgent appeal to all public and private hospitals and specialized centres to remain watchful for any new cases and raise the alert status; announcing the formation of a committee to monitor and investigate the cases that have been monitored.