The incidence of listeriosis cases in South Africa continues to steadily decline following the recall of the implicated food source which was initiated on Mar. 4.


The source of the outbreak has been identified as ready-to-eat processed meat products manufactured at Enterprise Foods’ Polokwane production facility

A total of 37 laboratory-confirmed cases are reported since the recall.

As of Apr. 3, a total of 999 laboratory-confirmed listeriosis cases has been reported to NICD since Jan. 1,  2017. 191 deaths have been reported.

All the nine provinces in the country have been affected; however the majority of cases (78%) have been reported from three provinces: Gauteng (59%, 586/999), Western Cape (12%, 123/999) and KwaZulu-Natal (7%, 72/999).

Given the long incubation period of Listeria monocytogenes additional cases are not unexpected.