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Officials in France have reported two locally-transmitted dengue fever cases in 2022. A case is said to be “indigenous” or “autochthonous” when a person contracts the disease without having traveled to an area where the virus is circulating in the 15 days preceding the onset of symptoms.


The latest case, reported on July 29, was confirmed by the National Reference Center. This person is domiciled in Perpignan. Preventive measures are being implemented by the mosquito control operator mandated by ARS Occitanie (the company Altopictus) in the district concerned – area of ​​avenue de Grande Bretagne and La Pépinière park near the Police Headquarters.

The person’s state of health does not cause concern. The local residents concerned will be contacted by investigators from the Occitanie Regional Health Agency and Public Health France during a door-to-door survey door and receive a note, delivered by hand if present, calling on them to report to the ARS
Occitanie if they have presented the following symptoms since the beginning of May:
• a high fever (>38.5°C) of sudden onset
• associated with at least one other clinical sign such as headache, muscle pain or
articular or lumbar
• and in the absence of cough, runny nose, sore throat, difficulty breathing or infected wounds
• in the absence of another established diagnosis.

The following was posted on the Mairie de Fayence  Facebook page on August 9:

Following a case of dengue detected in the districts of Puits plan is 1, 2 and 3 as well as the Pits plan west plan, an ARS agent is going door to door to prevent riverbankers and list stagnant waters.
In addition, depending on the weather conditions, on the night of Thursday or Friday (between 4 am and 8 pm), the ARS will conduct a demonstration on a 200m perimeter around the contaminated house.
? Please close your windows, bring your animals and laundry in.
? Give free access to your garden to ARS agents.
? Do not eat fruits and vegetables from the garden within 48 hours after treatment.
Thank you for your understanding and please follow the guidelines of the ARS and City Hall.