Global Lyme Diagnostics announced today that its new test for Lyme Disease, the GLD Test, is now available.

Borrelia burgdorferi/CDC
Borrelia burgdorferi/CDC

“We are pleased to provide a much-needed Lyme-specific diagnostic solution,” said Mickey Ramchandani, CEO of Global Lyme Diagnostics. “We look forward to working with the community to advance Lyme Disease screening, awareness and education.”

The GLD Test is based on research by Dr. Richard Marconi, a professor of microbiology and immunology in the School of Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.

“Like so many researchers in the field, I was receiving an astonishing number of phone calls and emails from patients in distress. The stories were at times heartbreaking,” said Dr. Marconi. “When we realized that recent advances made in our lab could lead to the next generation of Lyme disease diagnostics we seized the opportunity.”

“We have been able to identify the appropriate diagnostic antigens that allow for detection of early stage disease. Using novel chimeritope technology, we have constructed diagnostic antigens that are specifically designed to detect Lyme disease strains regardless of their geographic region of origin,” explained Dr. Marconi.

After licensing the technology platform and related intellectual property Global Lyme Diagnostics focused on creating a highly accurate and reproducible solution.

The GLD Test keeps the prescribing by clinicians simple, requiring only a blood draw.