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Officials in Kikwit-Nord health zone in Kwilu province in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have reported at least 88,895 cases of malaria, including 128 deaths were recorded in 2020.

Malaria life cycle/CDC

Of the total deaths 88, or 69 percent were in children under five years of age.

Dr. Kabobi Aduyenzi, doctor Kikwit North zone leader in Kikwit in the province of Kwilu said, “The most affected age group is less than 5 years, where there are 88 deaths in a total of 88,895 received cases of malaria. 60,170 tests have been carried out. Obviously there is a gap of more than 20,000 patients who do not have not been tested and this falls within the framework of the difficulties that we encountered in the care in 2020. The first breaks in rapid diagnostic tests for malaria (RDTs) and finally the discontinuation of drugs constitute the serious problem”.

He advises the population to always sleep under the mosquito net impregnated with long-lasting insecticides.